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Date : 10 / Dec / 2022
Time : 3:00 P.M.
Address : 8336 Carrleigh Pkwy, West Springfield, VA 22152

The Hot Lanes Big Band: Kirkwood Presbyterian Church Concert Series

Springfield, VA

The Hot Lanes makes its return appearance at the Kirkwood Presbyterian Church Concert Series, our venue for our rehearsals. We will be performing one set of 70-75 minutes, featuring holiday arrangements and originals written by pianist, leader and music director, Bobby Jasinski and baritone saxophonist, Jim Vedda.

Abe’s Groove // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  1. Abe’s Groove // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  2. The Rain // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  3. Journey to Flam // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection