For any students interested in taking lessons or any customers seeking musical services, please contact me at bobby.jasinski.music@gmail.com!

RATES/ADMIN: I charge $72 an hour, $54 for 45 minutes and $36 for a half hour. Lessons are paid by total lessons per month (Cash or Check is acceptable). Checks are due at the first lesson of each month. Further, $10 will be added to the monthly lesson total if I, the piano teacher, travel to your home to teach (Example: if you pay $144 for the month and I teach at your home, add an extra ten dollars and you will pay me $154 for the month). If you cannot attend a lesson on your usual day, please consult the phone tree of other students to see if you can swap lessons with them on a different day. If this fails, please contact me AT LEAST three days prior to your lesson by phone and/or e-mail. Before the start of each month, I will e-mail all students with any conflicts I may have for that month and reassign if necessary. Additionally, once every month or two, a “masterclass” lesson will be made available at no additional charge. Two or three students will get together in my home, perform the pieces they are working on, and receive constructive criticism from the other students. This concept is supposed to bolster your playing!

PRACTICE: The basis of my teaching philosophy is to provide the student with the necessary tools for the realization of their personal musical dream; in whatever area they feel they can accomplish the most. I know students are busy with schoolwork, office work and other activities which I can understand, having experienced that. However, I feel that you should contribute a good chunk of your time in implementing what I have taught you at home and exploring on your own. I believe that the highest form of music teaching is the one that enables the student to learn how to teach himself/herself and to make personal decisions in their playing. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

TEACHING TRIANGLE: Although the student-teacher relationship is important, there must be a relationship between the parent/close friend and the student, as well as the parent/close friend and the teacher. This Teacher-Student-Parent/Friend triangle is essential in advancing the student’s development and appreciation of music.

RECITALS: Usually twice a year, I schedule a piano recital for my students to perform in (most likely around Christmas time and in June). The recital is not supposed to dissuade you from performing but rather encourage it. The more you perform in front of others, the greater joy you will have in playing.

REFERALLS: If you are knowledgeable of a child or adult that would be interested in taking piano lessons, please do not hesitate to give them my contact info. As an added incentive, if any new student joins me as a result of your referral, YOUR next lesson will be FREE OF CHARGE.

PERSONAL LIFE: The mental health of a student is very important to me. In the competitive world we live in, we must learn to choose what is relevant and necessary to us, personally, and in our lives. Manage your time and do the right thing, but also have fun in your life.

EXCELLENCE: RESPECT AND SUPPORT are two big ingredients of my personal teaching philosophy. I hope to instill in my students those ingredients, as well as humility and passion necessary for a successful quest for excellence.


My Rates

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Abe’s Groove // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
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