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Date : 16 / Apr / 2022
Time : 8:00 P.M.
Address : 601 Pennsylvania Ave. SE Washington, DC 20003
Tel : 202-546-8412

The Hot Lanes Big Band: Mr. Henry’s DC

Washington, DC

The Hot Lanes makes its Mr. Henry’s debut at one of the premier jazz clubs of Washington, D.C. We will be performing three sets from 8-11 p.m., featuring a set of arrangements and originals written by baritone saxophonist and Hot Lanes member, Jim Vedda, as well as other sets of originals and arrangements by pianist, leader and music director, Bobby Jasinski. Come get your tickets ASAP as we expect a sold-out crowd? $20 at the door or online.

Abe’s Groove // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  1. Abe’s Groove // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  2. Journey to Flam // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  3. The Rain // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection