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Date : 4 / Dec / 2022
Time : 2:00 P.M.
Address : 407 Mill St, Occoquan Historic District, VA 22125
Tel : (703) 490-1918

The Hot Lanes Big Band: River Mill Park

Occoquan, VA

The Hot Lanes makes its first appearance at one of Northern Virginia’s most esteemed parks: River Mill in Occoquan, Virginia. We will be performing one set of 45-50 minutes outdoors, featuring holiday arrangements and originals written by pianist, leader and music director, Bobby Jasinski and baritone saxophonist, Jim Vedda. This performance is free but get there early as this concert will fill up fast!

The Rain // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  1. The Rain // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  2. Abe’s Groove // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection
  3. Journey to Flam // Bobby Jasinski - Retrospection